Improving the Supply Chain by Revolutionizing the Workforce

The global supply chain has been in a state of flux for the past several years. For the experts at Veryable, the solutions begin with the workforce in the warehouse. Learn more about the solutions they provide from their Operations Coordinator, Ty Bates.

Who is Veryable and what do you do?

Veryable is an on-demand marketplace for manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing labor. Our flexible labor solution connects businesses with high quality background checked workers at the click of a button, enabling higher productivity and improving efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Now for workers, Veryable provides immediate access to work, the ability to control their own schedule, opportunities to build new skills, such as forklifting, ALIT, jacking, warehousing, et cetera, and best of all next day pay.


What are the biggest trends you expect to see in your industry throughout the rest of the year?

Well, with every warehousing manufacturing facility, one will see an increase in demand as the years go on with holiday shipping, change of seasons, school year starting and ending, et cetera.

We expect companies to build up their labor pools with operators that they can rely on and trust through demanding times so that when a big shipment comes in, they have all the ammo to take on that project with on-time delivery. Also, we expect operators to continue steering towards a flexible work-life balance.


How has the industry changed in the last few years?

Well, it’s changed a lot, such as line workers going from making minimum wage to making $13-$15 an hour. We are experiencing, as of April 2022, our warehousing labor has averaged $16.72 an hour.

Also, supply chain disruptions. With Ukraine and Russia going back and forth, we’re seeing Russian products not making it to the U.S., and also liquor stores not able to get Russian liquor. Such as COVID-19. COVID-19 we’ve experienced a lot of disruptions in the supply chain because a lot of people like taking time off more, traveling, working one to two days a week, and spending time with their family and Veryable is catering towards that.


What are you excited to see in 2022?

We’re excited about expanding into new markets. Right now, we’re at 22 markets that are split between three divisions. That’s a Southeast, Southwest and Midwest. We’re also excited about growing the team. We want to grow that team with good operations knowledge-based individuals that can help out the companies we worked with.

We went to continue to help businesses grow by taking on more orders with a flexible labor force. Also, continue bringing on more operators and help them make money all while having a good work-life balance. Our goal is to re-shore American manufacturing by flexing labor with your demand. We look forward to the coming years to transform the American workforce.

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