Polifluid’s Benefits for Finishing Technology

Sometimes business improvements are stumbled upon by pure luck. That was certainly the case for Derek DeGeest, President of DeGeest Corporation, who chanced upon Polifluid during a recent trip to Europe.

Derek is joined by Bill Robinson, President of Coating Delivery Technology, as well as host Tyler Kern, to dive deeper into this discovery and the difference this product could make for manufacturers.

“We were in Europe, where Lesta robots have been in use for over 30 years,” DeGeest said. “And, we kept seeing these yellow units hooked up to fluidizers in powder applications. I’m not surprised anymore by technologies Europe has that we haven’t seen in the U.S. So after asking more about this Polifluid unit and seeing what it can do, we absolutely had to have it in our Test Lab and bring it to our LestaUSA customers.”

That’s when DeGeest sought out Robinson and his company, as they were the master distributor for Polifluid in the U.S.

The relationship quickly grew into 4 installations and of having Polifluid in the DeGeest Test Lab to allow customers to see the impact having Polifluid can have without having to disrupt their line to test and try it out. “With our equipment partnerships we replicate their production environment right here in our lab, even with their own powder if they want, and we show exactly how it will work. The science speaks for itself,” said Derek.

Polifluid filters out and only uses the nitrogen in the compressed air. Why? Nitrogen doesn’t hold any moisture. It fluidizes better and moves through the line better. This is consistent compressed air with no moisture.

“We were told this is the only thing that has changed in powder finsihing in 30 years!” Bill recalls while explaining how this technology works with powder coating applications.

“Polifluid reduces the amount of atomizing air, cools to the ideal temperature, and creates a pulsating charge. Put these 3 things together and you get higher transfer efficiency, eliminate faraday issues, and can increase your line speed. All while gaining a high quality finish!”

Companies that use Polifluid experience “tremendous results and savings.” The first pass transfer efficiency with Polifluid has better quality and has the ability to hold the charge longer allowing the powder to stick onto the product longer and not fall off. There are a number of savings from powder savings to booth draw on fans to eliminating clogged tips.

“Get better transfer efficiency with less passes. Now you have a magic wand,” Bill ended.

Derek closed the conversation by adding, “Polifluid is a technology that eliminates variables, and that is an important tool when you have a robotic system. It can also be added to your manual line to see savings.”

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