Opportunities in the Material Handling Industry

November 17, 2021

Tyler Kern welcomed Satyen Pathak, an Account Executive at Designed Conveyer Systems (DCS), and they discussed the opportunities that exist within the material handling industry. Pathak started as an installer of letter-sorting machines, eventually moving to technical support and research in customer service and ultimately rising to his current job at DCS.

Pathak is thankful he’s had so many roles climbing up the employment ladder, which allowed him to gain a variety of experiences and travel throughout the U.S. Now at DCS, he manages one of the company’s key accounts.

“I think I built around different facets of differing roles,” Pathak explained about his career trajectory. “I certainly think that everything I’ve experienced and had exposure to has certainly kind of well-rounded me out to where I am in my career today.”

Pathak explained the various lucrative avenues that exists within the material handling industry, from inside the four walls of factories, to sales and business development, human resources, engineering and project management.

“There is obviously hundreds of roles that exist,” said Pathak. “A lot of key ones are very solutions or concept based. How can we do something different?”

Material handling is an industry that is rapidly expanding, so Pathak explained just how much room for growth there is for those considering this industry for their career journey. “Anyone who’s interested can definitely dip their toe in it and take off,” said Pathak.

There are many ways for someone to begin in the industry, be it as an intern, full-time employee or even a higher-level position with a post-graduate degree. Some companies are even aiding employees with higher education.

“Everyone has an opportunity,” explained Pathak.

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