O’Steen Bros. Construction Carries on Legacy of Family

O’Steen Bros. Construction is built on a foundation of family – literally.

In 1972, brothers Brad and Dexter bought their first piece of equipment with a loan from their father. Now, nearly 50 years later, O’Steen Bros. is still serving clients and upholding its core mission to “provide the highest quality site development and underground utilities services for our clients through a coordinated team approach, embracing principles of hard work, integrity, diligence, stewardship of the environment, and commitment to excellence.”

The company has a little help from some of the industry’s leading equipment, as well.

O’Steen Bros. leverages Leica Geosystems machine control solutions, growing from one system to an entire operation-wide solution for complete control over a digitized and connected jobsite. With that amount of control, combined with ease of use, the company can complete three major jobs at the same time – a tremendous bump in efficiency.

“With the Leica product [the first time it was shown to us], the GPS was accurate enough that we weren’t having to use laser correction or a robotic total station to meet tolerance of our grades,” Dexter O’Steen said. “So, we upgraded our whole, complete system to Leica.”

The technology and integrations with other solutions across a jobsite make for unmatched efficiency and simplicity – without sacrificing accuracy or O’Steen’s commitment to excellence.

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