Revolutionizing Powder Coating: Prime Powder Coating’s Integration of the IntelliFinishing System

November 10, 2023


In this video presented by Kasa Companies’ Driving Automation, President of Prime Powder Coating, Cory McCabe, delves into his company’s transformative use of the IntelliFinishing system. This discussion provides insights into the latest advancements in powder coating technology and its impact on industry operations.

McCabe highlights how the IntelliFinishing system has expanded Prime Powder Coating’s capabilities, including handling more significant parts and improving turnaround times. The episode takes viewers through the journey of parts in the coating process, from a five-stage wash to quality inspection, emphasizing the system’s versatility and efficiency. Unlike traditional systems, the IntelliFinishing setup allows for continued production even during maintenance, showcasing its unique adaptability. McCabe’s case study is an invaluable resource for OEM and custom job shop businesses, illustrating the IntelliFinishing system’s customization potential to meet specific needs.

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