Why to Consider a Telehandler-Mounted Glass Manipulator for Residential Glazing

As the weight and dimensions of heavy glass that needs to be installed increases, so does the need for innovative glazing robots and glass manipulators that can keep pace.

Though the size of the glass needing to be installed and the nature of the machines helping human operators complete that installation may be ever-evolving, the primary concern – safety – remains the same.

To that end, there are a variety of considerations and factors that need to be considered when a challenging residential project needs to be completed.

Though Ergo Robotic Solutions provides many kinds of solutions that can get the job done, fork-mounted glass manipulators (THOM units) used on telescopic handlers, or telehandlers, can make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

But what should you be on the lookout for when choosing to use a telehandler for residential glazing?

Why Utilize a Telehandler-Mounted Glass Manipulator?

Telescopic handlers are often already present on residential jobsites, providing an easy way to save time and money through multi-purpose machinery.

Telehandlers can move across the uneven terrain often found on these project sites with ease, eliminating one concern related to moving ever-growing panes of glass.

This maneuverability and integration provide an easy path to a more “plug-and-play” option than many glazing solutions, cutting down on downtime in addition to necessary training, etc.

What Key Features Should Users Look for?

When choosing or designing a custom telehandler-mounted solution with a partner like Ergo, there are a variety of factors to keep in mind.

First, capacity should be considered. For example, the THOM 2200 has a 2,200-pound attachment capacity, while the THOM 4000 has a 4,000-pound capacity. It’s critical to be aware of a project’s unique needs.

Mobility is another key factor. The angle range of the boom, how it moves in and out, the swivel, shift and rotation capabilities, and more should be considered, as greater mobility leads to greater ease of installation.

The nature of the attachment’s control and charging are critical, as well. In the case of the THOM solutions, the attachments are independently powered and operated via wireless control, and they’re charged with a regular, 120V outlet.

What Critical Safety Info Should Users be Aware of?

Safety is always paramount, lifting any size glass with telescopic handler-mounted solutions, large or small, no matter how high it is being set.

The security of the vacuum manipulator, itself, should be investigated. The THOM models feature redundant vacuum systems, vacuum feedback alarms, and lights, providing greater peace of mind.

Control over the machine’s motion is critical, as well. Ergo’s “Micro-Motion” mode allows for extremely precise, low-speed manipulations, providing enhanced control and safety.

When choosing a telehandler-mounted solution, it’s important to seek out features that give operators as much control over the process as possible, though standard jobsite safety protocol should always be followed, as well.

Choosing Ergo

Ergo creates many custom solutions leveraging cutting-edge technology telescopic handler-mounted manipulators included.

Ergo stands ready to act as your partner and consultant, helping you design a solution that meets weight requirements, use cases, and more and creating a finished product that addresses your specific needs.

Contact Ergo today to see how they can help bring yours to life, or visit their videos page to see examples of how Ergo Robotic Solutions have benefited glass installation projects across the country.

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