Water and Moisture Control: Building It Right the First Time


Two of the biggest threats to any structure are water and moisture. Once water permeates walls, it can lead to mold and rot. Ideally, you want to build the wall right the first time. To discuss the challenges with moisture and water control, Lasey Simon, Building Envelope Specialist at Tamlyn, shared her insights on this episode of Tamlyn Talk.

“The biggest issue we see is improper sealing. When this occurs, moisture builds up, causing rot or mold, which can harm the health of those in the environment,” Simon said.

Unfortunately, moisture problems aren’t usually known until they become visible on the outside. By then, the consequences of water have become a disaster.

So, how can the construction industry prevent such failures?

“The ‘perfect’ wall includes four principal control layers: water control, air control, vapor control and thermal control,” Simon said.

The makeup of these layers has much to do with where the structure is. Different areas of the world require different materials, and climate and codes influence this.

“It’s important to note that codes are the minimum, not the best,” Simon said.

Simon also touched on the use of drain wraps and why compressible ones aren’t a solution.

“Compressible drain wraps are made from crinkled paper. Once placed under the cladding and insulation, pockets occur that can hold water,” she said.

The better alternative is a non-compressible drain wrap. Simon noted that using these can prevent moisture issues from occurring.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about water and moisture concerns in walls.

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