The U.S. Power Grid is Facing Increasing Demand. Mission-Critical Technologies Can Come to the Rescue

February 23, 2024


The aging U.S. power grid is grappling with surging power demand. More industries are digitalizing and in turn adding layers of service, infrastructure, and data analytics relying on heavy electricity generation; it’s clear the U.S. power grid is in for a tough ride. Even just looking at the adoption of consumer and commercial electrical vehicles, predictions show that more than 50% of vehicles sold by 2030 will be EVs, a transition that’s expected to put major strain on the grid. With the utility industry facing the dual challenge of upgrading the grid and maintaining uninterrupted service, the importance of mission-critical technologies in utilities cannot be overstated, acting as a safety net to identify and respond to potential outages, demand surges, and more. So with the industry’s big energy transmission and distribution show, DISTRIBUTECH 2024, just around the corner in Orlando, attention is focused on the essential mission-critical technologies—from cutting-edge displays to robust cybersecurity measures—that guarantee the reliability and efficiency of utility operations.

But what does the future hold for mission-critical technologies in utilities, and how can AV tech support utilities in navigating these challenges? This pivotal question forms the core of the latest episode on Experts Talk, hosted by Ben Thomas, Head of Pro AV & Integrated Tech Partnerships at MarketScale.

Joining the conversation are Chris Carver from Hexagon SIG and Courtney Mamuscia from RGB Spectrum, who delve into the evolving landscape of mission-critical technologies in utilities. Key discussion points include:

  • The expanding definition of mission-critical technologies beyond traditional control rooms to encompass a broader range of utility operations.
  • The role of AI and other advanced technologies in enhancing operational efficiency and predictive management.
  • The importance of collaboration and integration across different technology providers to address complex utility challenges.

Chris Carver, with his extensive background in emergency response and critical control room technologies, brings insights into the integration of mission-critical systems within utility operations. His experience highlights the dynamic changes in public expectations and the technological advancements shaping the sector.

Courtney Mamuscia, with her expertise in marketing and a deep understanding of the utility industry’s challenges, emphasizes the need for reliable, scalable, and secure technologies that can adapt to future demands and regulatory changes.

Article written by MarketScale.

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