As the Restaurant Industry Grapples With Post-Pandemic Changes, Experts Examine a Look Into its Future

July 21, 2023
Barbara Castiglia



Amid a climate of recovery and relentless transformation, the restaurant industry braces for new challenges and opportunities. Fresh off a year marked by tremendous disruption, the sector is projected to record a staggering $997 billion in sales this year. Yet, this growth comes at a time of significant menu price inflation and continued impacts from the pandemic. Will the industry be able to harness these challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth?

The core question revolves around the future of the restaurant industry. How will it adapt to the shifting consumer behaviors and increasing cost pressures? What novel strategies can help this vital industry not only survive but thrive in the years to come?

For an episode of “The Main Course,” host Barbara Castiglia, talked with two industry veterans, Hudson Riehle, Senior VP of the Research and Knowledge Group for the National Restaurant Association, and Bill Fuesz, Product Marketing Principal Manager for Sage. The episode delved into the findings of the recently published restaurant outlook report, their implications, and how businesses can leverage these insights to chart a path for success.

In this episode, the experts discussed:

  • The current state of the restaurant industry, marked by a tempered optimism and challenges of razor-thin margins.
  • The innovative methods restaurants are using to attract more patrons and sustain their operations.
  • The importance of creating a value proposition and fostering a sense of community for customer retention.

Hudson Riehle is a leading authority on restaurant industry trends, with a rich history at the National Restaurant Association. He holds the responsibility of directing the Association’s research and knowledge group. 

Bill Fuesz, meanwhile, is a seasoned professional in the field of product marketing, currently serving as the Principal Manager for Sage Intact Product Marketing. Their combined insights and experiences offer an invaluable perspective on the future of the restaurant industry.

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