Balancing Growth and Quality: Polygon’s Solutions for Climate Control Challenges in Food Manufacturing

June 1, 2023

We focus on the challenges faced by food manufacturers in meeting the growing demand for processed food while maintaining quality and safety.  This presents a real-world scenario of a poultry plant facing challenges with its HVAC system and ventilation capacity after investing in a new bird chiller. It discusses the Band-Aid solution of adding fans and highlights the unsanitary conditions and threats to product quality that can arise from inadequate climate control measures.

Polygon collaborates with plant personnel to assess existing and potential challenges and devise effective solutions using temporary climate control technology. Polygon’s systems empower manufacturers by providing the ability to monitor and control temperature, humidity, and gas levels to ensure smooth operations and future success.

Overall, this sheds light on the complex issues faced by food manufacturers as they strive to increase production while maintaining quality and safety. 

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