Suppliers in the beverage industry have released a wave of new equipment and software solutions. From quality testing to the production line, here are 7 of the latest technologies:

  1. Crown Equipment Corp. revealed a new option for its counterbalance forklifts. The new edition comes with a shorter mast, ideal for warehouse dock and cross-docking needs. Though max load capacities are unchanged, the narrower mast cross-brace increases visibility for safer operation.
  2. Charles Ross & Son Co. introduced a 4-gallon Planetary Dual Disperser (PDDM-4) for free use in the Ross Test and Development Center. The new mixer is best for high viscosities, but the Ross T&D Center houses over 40 appliances for customers to find the best fit for their needs.
  3. Krohne Inc. released six new transmitters in the 24 and 80 GHz range as part of its Optiwave series of transmitters. The transmitters come with a complimentary PACTware device manager for better functionality.
  4. Sacmi introduced the 64-cavity CCM64MB, a new flexible and efficient cavity press for producing plastic caps rapidly.
  5. Kenworth Truck Co. introduced the Bendix Wingman Fusion driving assistance to two models of medium-duty trucks. The technologies aim to mitigate collisions, alert drivers to the speed limit, give warnings for lane departures, and more.
  6. The Comexi ML2 laminates efficiently with a broad range of coating and laminate options. Five interchangeable trolleys keep the machine versatile and effective.
  7. GEA Group’s Fillstar CX EVO system allows fillers to swap seamlessly between products with no changeover times and a reprogrammable control unit that never sacrifices sterility.