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Coleman Consulting Group implements workforce management solutions for clients across a variety of industries, providing analysis and expertise to reduce costs, improve quality and increase customer satisfaction.

Recently, the company was engaged by a food processing plant that supplies protein products to major chain restaurants, food service providers, and retail outlets around the world. As demand for the product grew, so did the hours worked by the company’s employees, resulting in an average of only 33 days off per year and an exhausted workforce. Further, current schedules left no capacity for added growth to meet ever-increasing demand.

Coleman’s solution for the company required careful consideration of several factors, including a solution that would provide:

  • a better work/life balance
  • overtime for employees that wanted it
  • increased employee engagement
  • improved retention
  • optimized sense of ownership for employees
  • a safe increase in current capacity while maintaining/improving quality

By reimagining the employee schedules as well as every aspect of the business, Coleman was able to streamline operations for this U.S.-based protein supplier. The results speak for themselves: today, employees are happily and productively engaged, working fewer hours with more days off, and plant production has increased by as much as 20%.

To learn how Coleman Consulting Group’s workforce management solutions improved bottom lines for this global protein producer, read the case study here.

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