In this interview live from MarketScale’s Trinity Studio, MarketScale’s Daniel Litwin was once again joined by Aceinna Executive Vice President Michael Murray. At CES 2020, Litwin and Murray got a chance to touch base regarding Aceinna’s sensor technology, but this interview further explored the company’s solutions and industrial applications for those sensors.

In essence, Murray said Aceinna’s sensor technology is critical for achieving an understanding of the physics that drive modern autonomy of assets, from people to drones.

“We pride ourselves on really knowing the advanced physics and making that easy for our customers and partners to use so that they can do something really cool with it,” he said.

The main industrial applications of Aceinna’s solutions, Murray said, include autonomous vehicles in a range of industries, including “smart agriculture” and passenger cars, and last-mile delivery robotics, among others.

While the future of these applications is an exciting one, there are still barriers in place the could prevent adoption.

However, in the case of autonomous and “smart” farming, Murray said great strides have been made in eliminating cost barriers, particularly for smaller farmers.

Litwin and Murray also dove into applications in the construction industry, increasing adoption and mastery of technology, and more.

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