Healthy Almond Snacking Provides a Potent Alternative to the Three-Meal Tradition

97% percent of Americans snack and receive an estimated 24% of their daily caloric intake from snacking, as per a study published in The Journal of Nutrition. This implies that snacking remains a pillar of the busy American lifestyle, making the implementation of healthy snacking options critical. As such, snacking done right – like healthy almond snacking – can be an effective way to keep blood sugar levels steady, introduce more nutrients into a diet, and boost metabolism while preventing overeating during mealtime to control weight.

The Misconceptions About Snacking

In the 1960s, studies claimed that people eating the fewest number of times per day were more likely to have the highest amount of excess body weight. This led health pros and nutritionists to recommend more frequent eating for weight loss. However, since the 1970s, caloric intake among both men and women has increased significantly, with the majority of additional calories consumed between meals, leading many to believe that the heightened frequency of eating was detrimental to weight loss and general health. In fact, a 2011 U.S. Department of Agriculture report asserts that Americans snack twice as often as they did in the late 1970s, but newer analysis indicates that the while the frequency of snacking has remained the same, caloric intake has increased. The root of the conundrum can be linked to the specific snacks that were eaten: chips, chocolate, and cheese versus healthier alternatives like fresh fruits and nuts. 

Natural Snacks Available Today

Low in calories, fresh fruits and vegetables are known to lower body fat and waist sizes, making them a preferred mainstay for every snack and meal. While snacks like apple slices contain fiber and other minerals that boost cardiac health, celery sticks, kale chips, and red bell peppers contain the necessary antioxidants to maintain autoimmune and cellular health, preventing disease. In addition, Greek yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, potassium, and protein, providing the essential nutrients to help sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Another viable source of protein and nutrients is healthy almond snacking. Helping to quench hunger and subdue one’s appetite for unhealthy foods, mixed nuts and other natural almond snacks don’t require refrigeration, making them the ideal mobile accompaniment for work and travel. High in unsaturated fats as well as magnesium and phosphorus, almonds are heart-healthy. Further, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, when two groups were either given 1.5 ounces of almonds to snack on each day over a 2-week period or a muffin of equal caloric content, the nut-snackers lost more body fat than the muffin group, displaying healthy changes in their blood cholesterol level as well.

The benefits of natural almond snacks and other healthy alternatives are undeniable. Internally, the valuable effect of healthy snacking throughout the day will result in fewer diseases and decreased body mass. Externally, consumers are prone to feel more active and driven, allowing them to achieve and do more.

Selecting One’s Harvest

Select Harvest is among the largest almond distributors in the world. Backed by over 30 years of experience growing and processing its own almonds, the company prides itself on personal, vertically-integrated distribution to 55 countries worldwide. Select Harvest meets the highest specification and grade of almonds, seeking solely to boost consumer health and satisfaction rather than exploiting the average American’s sweet tooth.

While enhancing a diet with healthy snacks may stray from the traditional American three-meals-per-day routine, breaking long-standing eating habits entails a revolutionary shift that prioritizes the long-term health of each individual. Learn more about Select Harvest’s almond products here.

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