Foodtech is an exciting and evolving branch of the Food & Beverage industry; innovations in foodtech are changing not only the way people eat (Uber Eats), but what people eat, like environmentally-friendly meat replacements (i.e., Impossible Foods). Jane Leung, CIO and managing director at investment bank Scenic Advisement, sees the vast potential in foodtech. “You’ve got this component of really trying to do something very ecologically friendly and environmentally important, and so it adds this dimension of a social responsibility to it that doesn’t necessarily touch the other technology industries out there,” Leung said.

On today’s episode, listen to Leung discuss why foodtech is so attractive for investors, how a company can stand out as worthy of investment, and what the major trends in foodtech are today. For Leung, what makes a foodtech company most innovative and therefore worthy of investment is when it address “how the consumer consumes the product.”

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