Jollibee Has the Mission to be a Top Five Restaurant Group in the World

June 27, 2022
Barbara Castiglia

Barbara Castiglia interviews Maribeth Dela Cruz, President of Jollibee North America, to discuss Jollibee and its presence in North America. Jollibee is on the fastest growing Asian restaurant companies in the world. Cruz has been with the Jollibee company for thirty years and has worked her way from shift manger to her current role as president of North America. “It was a rough start” said Cruz. Expanding to North America was a key goals for the Jollibee company. Although there have been tough times Cruz has been committed to help Jollibee grow in North America.  

The vision of the company is to become one of the top five restaurant companies in the world which initially drew Cruz to this company. “I so love the mission of spreading the joy of eating to everyone” said Cruz. Aside from success as a business the values that Jollibee sets keeps employees and customers engaged in why they should choose their brand. It remains important for Jollibee to receive feedback on how the company is doing as a server to the community.  

The pandemic did bring many challenges. An essential priority for Jollibee’s was keeping their employees safe. Drive throughs and door dash were outlets that were useful for Jollibee locations when needing to adapt to pandemic essentials. Coming out of the pandemic Jollibee makes sure to include standards on FSC (Food, Service, and Cleanliness). The FSC program is implemented across the company and is observed by the quality management group. “We’re capitalizing on a team that actually goes out and do random quality checks in our stores” said Cruz.  

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