Lobster and Franchising

December 15, 2022
Barbara Castiglia

Lobster and franchising are not often two words one would hear in a sentence together. And yet, franchising lobster is exactly what two cousins did from Maine. But how did their journey begin, why did they decide to franchise, and why was franchising the right fit for them?

On the newest episode of The Main Course with Barbara Castiglia, co-founders of Cousins Main Lobster, Sabin Lomac and Jim Tselikis chat with Castiglia about how their Shark Tank journey informed their franchising experience. Lomac and Tselikis
highlighted their family ties early on and how their family’s values brought together their shared love for food, particularly lobster. While the company has since grown, Tselikis and Lomac continue to emphasize their brand image.

“If Sabin is a franchisee on the other side of the country, that he wakes up every day because this is his baby, this is his business, and he is there, you know, making it work and hustling and that allows the great representation to exist when we go in other markets,” said Tselikis.

Lomac, Tselikis, and Castiglia discuss…

● How their experience on Shark Tank talking to a business entrepreneur
influenced their journey into franchising

● Why franchising is a more personable branding system

● What Cousins Maine Lobster look for in finding the best franchisee owners and

“We kind of encourage you to really invest big, big, big in the beginning and sometimes people don’t always want to do that…and what happens is…it is that busy and crazy and they’re behind. So, we encourage them to kind of spend the money and set up their house a little better,” said Lomac.

Lomac and Tselikis, two cousins from Maine, set off on their journey by starting a food truck. After investment and fame brought by their appearance on Shark Tank, Lomac and Tselikis have grown Cousins Maine Lobster into a franchised operation located in over 35 cities in the United States.

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