One Chain Has Unfrozen the Dessert Market with a Rapid Expansion

The Main Course served up something sweet when Nicole Di Pietro, Vice President at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, dropped in to talk all about these tasty frozen treats served up with a smile.

Jeremiah’s Italian is no newbie to the frozen treat stage; they’ve been scooping Italian Ice since 1996. Florida residents know Jeremiah’s, where it established a following, but now one can find their ices in nine states and counting.

But Jeremiah’s is more than just a frozen treat venue. Di Pietro said they are a concept that’s serving experiences. “We are a people business that happens to be serving a delicious and indulgent treat.”

Di Pietro was a Jeremiah’s customer long before she joined the team. At this time, Jeremiah was looking to expand and not so coincidentally looking for Di Pietro’s help in making it a reality. “So, that’s what we’ve been putting in place for the past five years,” Di Pietro said. “To get to the point where we can actually share our culture, our experience, and our product with communities all across the Southeastern United States.”

There are twenty-four-to-twenty-six Italian Ice flavors available at all Jeremiah’s locations at any given time. Combine these ices with Jeremiah’s creamy vanilla or chocolate ice cream and the Magnifica Creazione; the Gelati is at one’s waiting fingertips. Mix and match to one’s heart’s content, and with additional toppings available, Di Pietro said there’s no end to the flavor combinations.

And great news for frozen treat fans; Di Pietro said there is no one target demographic for Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. All are welcome, and all are deserving of a tasty boost. They are a family-oriented establishment, but no matter how large or small someone’s family is—step inside Jeremiah’s, and they’ll treat you like one of their own.

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