In order to ensure consistent product quality in powdered goods, it is essential to maintain ideal climate conditions. An excess of humidity can negatively impact stored powdered goods, causing degradation, instability, unwanted chemical reactions, and microbial growth. These conditions can lead to off-flavors, increased acidity, visual and textural changes, and even pest infestation, often resulting in a complete financial loss. Polygon’s temporary climate solutions can help manufacturers and the third-party logistics companies (3PLs) responsible for storing and transporting powdered goods protect their investment from the unwanted effects of extreme temperatures, humidity, moisture, and condensation.

Powdered Goods Must be Protected from Humidity

While typically carefully packaged to protect them from humidity, absorbent powdered goods such as flour, powdered milk, baby formula, and dietary supplements can take on moisture. When this occurs, these products tend to lump, cake, or in some cases, harden completely. If you’ve ever tried to use a salt shaker on your corn cob on a hot, sticky August day, you’ve probably experienced this phenomenon. When salt granules are exposed to moisture, they clump, preventing the particles from passing through the small holes of the salt shaker. Adding just a few grains of uncooked rice to the shaker, however, can help keep the salt flowing. The rice absorbs moisture, performing much the same function as the desiccant in a commercial dehumidifier, which adsorbs.

Moisture Can Lead to a Number of Issues

The effects of moisture on powdered goods can go well beyond clumping and caking. Depending on the relative humidity, temperature, and availability of oxygen, powdered milk, for example, may undergo structural transformations, enzymic reactions, nonenzymic reactions such as browning, and fat oxidation, rendering it unsalable. Powdered sports nutrition supplements containing creatine, protein, amino acids, and digestive enzymes can also be adversely affected by humidity. In fact, moisture levels of just 10% can cause these supplements to begin to degrade. In addition to physical changes, moisture in powdered goods can also attract insects such as beetles, lice, and moths. These insects thrive when they have access to a nutrition source, moisture, and the molds that sometimes begin to grow on spoiled food, and may even spread to other stored goods.

Temporary Climate Solutions from Polygon Can Help Maintain the Quality of Powdered Goods

From origination to destination, powdered goods must be stored in the proper climate and conditions to mitigate the negative effects of humidity and extreme temperatures. Polygon Group, a leading temporary climate solutions provider, has a full line of state-of-the-art desiccant dehumidifiers suitable for any size job. Polygon’s solutions can help manufacturers and 3PLs achieve the driest air, ensuring powdered goods are completely protected against condensation and other moisture and humidity related issues.

Learn more about Polygon’s climate control solutions tailor-made for manufacturers of powdered goods and the 3PLs who store and transport them.

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