QSR Franchise “JARS” Creates a Delicious Opportunity for Restauranters

December 9, 2022

Are jars the next big trend in dessert-themed QSR restaurants? QSR magazine
reported Orange County, California, joined Texas in expanding a new QSR franchise, JARS,
by Fabio Viviani. Viviani, the noted chef and restauranteur is set to open his flagship
location in Chicago this fall, followed by ten locations in Texas and the newly
announced ten in Orange County.

Why create a dessert franchise now, and how do jars fit into the equation? The curious
mind from The Main Course, host Barbara Castiglia of Modern Restaurant
Management, went straight to the source for answers, the chef himself, Fabio Viviani.
Viviani said the concept combines some of the world’s top desserts into single-serving
experiences. This QSR franchise allows a tasty-treat enthusiast to buy world-class
desserts in what Viviani calls a beautiful, sexy, appealing jar. JARS’ rotating menu
features hundreds of the most beloved desserts from around the globe.

“Think of the jar replacing cupcakes and cookies in the hearts and minds of people for
any occasion,” Viviani said. “Celebrations, an event, corporate parties, and all of that.”

Throughout their conversation, Castiglia and Viviani discuss:

The genesis of the JARS restaurant concept, created from an idea generated
during the pandemic

Who is Viviani looking for in a franchise partner

The ideal parameters and logistics for a JARS location

Viviani’s partnership with Fransmart, the franchise development company, to
help launch and grow JARS

“I want to be successful, so I called the Boeing of the franchise world, which is
Fransmart,” Viviani said. “And they have proven over and over that they are a great
partner in the whole aspect of franchising, not just sales. They’re helping with real
estate and other things in which we might not have much expertise. When you team up
with somebody who knows the hospitality like the back of my hand, and they know the
franchise aspect, it’s a recipe for success.”

Fabio Viviani is a chef, restauranteur, and cookbook author from Florence, Italy. He’s
appeared on Top Chef and has had numerous guest appearances on Good Morning
America, The Talk, The Chew, Ellen, and Access Hollywood. Viviani’s latest venture,
JARS by Fabio, is a series of first-time franchise dessert shops set to open in multiple
locations in California, Texas, and Illinois in the coming months.

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