Rethinking Your Restaurant’s Digital Presence

August 5, 2021
Barbara Castiglia

Food is serious business. Now, on The Main Course, host Barbara Castiglia will invite insiders on the front lines of food to share their expertise, strategies, and forecasts for navigating the ever-changing restaurant industry.


The restaurant industry has been through a lot in the last year-plus. Some have pivoted and grown, while others faltered. So, what was the difference? Talking about building and protecting the brand, The Main Course host Barbara Castiglia chatted with Tom Riccio, President Promotional Solutions at Deluxe.

Deluxe, which started with the invention of the checkbook, has evolved to help enterprises, small businesses, and financial institutions deepen trust with customers through technology. “We offer payment, data, and marketing solutions,” Riccio explained.

The pandemic impacted their business but keeping facilities open, and running was necessary as they serve many essential businesses. “We learned a lot quickly, and we used that to help clients. We stood up a PPE business quickly for restaurants. That was one piece of it; the next was helping them create commerce strategies and enhance digital experiences.”

“Restaurants must have a digital presence and strategies to ensure success because we’re not going back, only enhancing from here.” – Tom Riccio

Riccio believes that customer perception of brands will depend a lot on their COVID-19 strategy. “Those very forward are showcasing the protection of the entire environment. It’s building and protecting a brand because people are noticing health and safety like never before.”

Marketing is different now for these restaurants. Riccio shared, “Most marketing dollars were spent at the top of the funnel with brand identity as a focus. Now, it’s more pay for performance. What can you do today that will result in a sell?”

The location experience is one element; the digital one another. “There’s been a massive transition to digital, a huge acceleration. A digital presence and strategy are necessary because we aren’t going back,” Riccio said.

Deluxe is also supporting local brands with its show Small Business Revolution—Main Street. “It’s a series where go into small business in main street USA to revitalize the community and bring the town together,” Riccio explained.

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