Select Harvest USA CEO Shares the Big Trends and Things to Look Forward to in 2018
CEO Robert Nunes has a singular role at Select Harvest USA: he is the visionary and goal setter for the company. He coaches a group of talented leaders to ensure all departments work toward the company’s goals with total cooperation and transparency.

Here, he shares the biggest almond industry trends and things to look forward to in 2018:

  • Almond production and shipments will steadily increase. Since 2007 the marketable supply of almonds has increased from 1.2 billion pounds to 2.6 billion pounds in 2017. Almond shipments in that time frame increased from 1.07 billion pounds to a projected 2.2 billion pounds.
  • The focus on food quality and safety from grower through the supply chain will intensify as growth for almonds in the snack and produce sections at the retail level continues.
  • Recognition of the health benefits of almonds in people’s diets will continue to spread
  • Farming methods that reduce the amount of water, fertilizer and pesticides required to produce almonds will improve, while the technology to process almonds will advance, improving quality while lowering costs.
  • Innovation in marketing almonds world-wide will open new doors.

Select Harvest has vertically integrated into a private label (store brand) retail supplier, growing this portion of the business nearly 250% in three years. The company anticipates continued success of its retail business as it celebrates the addition of a new steam pasteurization system as well as the collective talents of the best team in the almond industry.

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