Meet the Chef who Created Tom Brady’s TB12 Nutrition Manual

March 29, 2021
Andre Natera

From new technologies and changing food trends to supply chains and innovative concepts, the restaurant industry is everchanging. Host Andre Natera shares kitchens, plates and stories with food and beverage superstars, preparing a new dish and offering valuable insights from the front lines of the culinary industry.


Being a traditional chef was a way of life for Run the Pass’ guest Allen Campbell. He started in the industry at 14 in Boston. He then attended culinary school and began life as a chef in posh restaurants. While working in Boston, he had an epiphany around the new type of chef he wanted to be, focusing on a plant-based, health-focused lifestyle for himself. Talking about his evolution, host Andre Natera gets Campbell’s full story.

“My lifestyle and eating changed, and I was projecting that into my food, which wasn’t working in a hotel,” Allen Campbell

He then got the chance to fill in for Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen’s personal chef, which turned into a permanent role. “It was a great fit. It wasn’t demanding and allowed me to consult on the side.” Chinese medicine began to influence him as he spun a modern application of it. “I wanted to make it more approachable. People could look at a recipe, and it makes sense.”

He worked with Brady on the TB12 Method and TB12 Nutrition Manual to promote plant-based, clean eating.

Now, he’s running AC Kitchen. “It’s a meal service that services Boston to New York for those with medical conditions or special dietary needs. We give them food they need to follow their doctor’s protocol.”

The business has been private, but he’s opening it up to more people, as he refines the recipes. The food focuses on gut health and digestion, seasonal eating, and eliminating foods that cause inflammation. “The three things that cause the most inflammation are white sugar, gluten, and dairy. We don’t use any of those,” Campbell explained.

The cultivated meal service seeks to bridge the gap between healthcare and eating to support and empower the body.

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