Training Employees of the Deskless Workforce

December 13, 2022
Barbara Castiglia

Onboarding and training are crucial to success and ensuring long-term employees. It’s their first welcome in the company and essential to keeping them long-term, and this point is proving itself time and time again in industries with a deskless workforce. So, what are the elements of good onboarding, and why is it so important in client-facing or consumer-facing roles? Beyond onboarding, employees also need ongoing training and loyalty building within their workforce.

On this episode of The Main Course, Barbara Castiglia hosts Jacob Waern, CEO and Founder
of EduMe. Waern said that the term describes frontline workers in healthcare, manufacturing,
hospitality, logistics, and desk-less jobs that employ nearly 80% of the world’s population.

There are 15.1 million restaurant industry employees in the United States, and workers often say they would leave for a role with more development opportunities. With more open jobs than employees, companies are fighting competition for good employees. To hire and keep them long-term, 70% of restaurant employees reported that they would like hands-on training from managers (Upserve).

Waern and Castiglia discuss…

● How pre-boarding is just as important for an employee’s first day.

● The impact of engaging and personalized training.

● Enabling employees with the appropriate types of technology.

“20% of workers leave after 45 days because they’re not properly onboarded. 70% of workers
say if they had proper onboarding experience, they would stay into three years, “said Waern.
“That’s what research shows us. Onboarding is vitally important.”

Jacob Waern is the CEO and Founder of EduMe, a mobile-based training platform for the
deskless workforce, used by companies in more than 60 countries. Waern has 15 years in the
marketing industry: after graduating from Copenhagen Business School, he worked at Millicom International Cellular and Rocket Internet.

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