Curbing food waste in the Food & Beverage industry isn’t an issue exclusive to restaurants and grocery stores. The conversation starts all the way at the farm, though that conversation isn’t reaching enough of the community according to Chef Peter Smith, Executive Chef at the JW Marriott Desert Springs in Greater Palm Springs, California. Smith grew up on a cattle station in Australia, living and breathing authentic farm life. There, he got to see first hand how much food is wasted because of a public perception that it’s “ugly.” “A third of what is harvested, billions of tons globally, doesn’t make it to a supermarket,” Smith said. Smith joined us on this episode of the Food & Beverage podcast to break down how each point along a piece of food’s journey is riddled with unnecessary waste, the legal and community-sourced ways the industry can make a real change, as well as his thoughts on the recent social movement around reducing plastic straw use.

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