It’s no secret that the restaurant industry is massively struggling right now due to social distancing orders. Even though restaurants are rapidly attempting to adapt through creative solutions such as offering take-out cocktails, selling groceries and supplies, and creating meal kits—alongside regular takeout orders—many restaurants are struggling to keep their doors open in 2020.

According to Brad Duea, Chief Executive Officer of Restaurant Revolution Technologies, while food delivery apps are a draw for customers looking for easy dining solutions that allow them to stay home, the high service charges of these apps are hurting restaurants. “There was a lot of marketing saying, yes help restaurants order through third party marketplaces. What you heard the restaurants themselves say, is they can’t survive giving 30% to third party marketplaces. So please order direct,” Duea said.

Restaurant Revolution Technologies partners with chain restaurants and helps them grow their off-site business through online orders that include takeout, delivery, and arranging catering services. There has been an uptick in off-site purchases from customers and Duea predicts that this trend will continue well past the pandemic. “When I say that the future has been accelerated by the pandemic, it is digital. It has forced restaurants to understand that they are a technology company. It’s forced them to understand that it’s a ‘now economy’ and really looked to digital as a way to automate and improve the customer experience and improve their economics. So it’s been quite an interesting time to say the least,” Duea said.

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