CtUC 2023 Change Maker Award Winner Alina Easley Shapes a Future Beyond the Conventional in Surgical Instrument Management

October 24, 2023


When it comes to handling change, look no further than Censis’ CtUC 2023 Change Maker Award winner Alina Easley for advice.

With its rapidly evolving technological advancements, the healthcare sector aims to streamline operations and improve patient care. This transformation often requires a marriage of technical skills and change management to ensure that healthcare professionals are adept at using new tools while being open to altering traditional work processes. Alina Easley, the recent recipient of the 2023 CtUC Change Maker Award, is a testament to this hybrid approach, spearheading changes that transitioned her department from paper documentation to an optimized digital system, thus elevating operational efficacy. Better tech adoption can significantly reduce administrative burden errors and improve patient outcomes.

How can healthcare facilities overcome resistance and integrate modern technologies into their workflow, ensuring efficiency and staff satisfaction?

In the latest episode of ConCensis, host Gabrielle Bejarano invites Alina Easley,a CensiTrac Coordinator and the 2023 CtUC Change Maker Award Winner for an enlightening discussion. The conversation dives into Alina’s journey, her strategies for overcoming resistance to change, and how her initiatives have significantly benefited her department by reducing paper documentation and streamlining processes.

Bejarano and Easley discuss the following:

  • Continuous education and explaining how the “why” can gain staff acceptance to change
  • Utilizing a network of resources and peers to professionally develop as a leader
  • Collaborating and receiving feedback from staff to successfully adopt new technology

Alina Easley, with her background as the CensiTrac Coordinator for Central Texas VA and Austin Outpatient Clinic, has been pivotal in ensuring the functionality of CensiTrac at her facilities. Her role doesn’t stop at being a technical coordinator, it extends to being an educator and change manager, addressing hardware issues and leading the charge in deploying new features and processes.

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