Next Generation Rural Healthcare is Here: How the Practice of Medicine is Changing and Why

October 27, 2023
Brian Urban


Rural healthcare is undergoing a transformative shift and is not just about location. With the rise of telemedicine and the increasing need for accessible care, medicine is evolving rapidly with new technology. Telemedicine creates a critical lifeline in providing care to rural communities. Still, is telemedicine enough to fill the gaps in rural healthcare, or does this solution bring new challenges?

How is the next generation of rural healthcare shaping the future of medicine, and why is this change crucial now more than ever?

In this Healthcare Rethink, a FinThrive Podcast episode hosted by Brian Urban, Urban dives deep into this topic with guest Dr. Jason Woloski MD, the Assistant Program Director at Geisinger Family Medicine Residency. Together, they explore:

  • The rise and significance of telemedicine in rural areas
  • The challenges and opportunities of patient engagement in today’s healthcare landscape
  • The role of infrastructure, from transportation to broadband access, in shaping healthcare access

Dr. Jason Woloski, with over fifteen years in the field, is a seasoned physician and an educator to young residents. His journey into medicine, inspired by a family physician during high school, has made him a pivotal figure in the Geisinger healthcare system. With a keen understanding of the challenges faced by urban and rural underserved areas, Dr. Woloski emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare, considering factors beyond just medical treatment.

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