WeNatal Helps Men Take an Active Role in The Prenatal Process


The conversation around fertility, conception, and the prenatal process has shifted in recent years, acknowledging men’s crucial role. It’s a topic gaining traction, especially with the rise of companies like WeNatal, which focuses on prenatal vitamin supplements for men. This shift in focus is not just about equality in the fertility journey but also about improving the chances of conception and the health of future children. Research shows that 40-50% of infertility issues are related to sperm quality, highlighting the importance of men’s health in conception.

So, how can men take an active role in the prenatal process and improve their chances of successful conception?

As part of National Men’s Health Month, David Kemp spotlighted this issue on a special Father’s Day edition of Highway to Health. Ronit Menashe and Vida Delrahim, co-founders of WeNatal, joined the podcast to discuss the science behind men’s prenatal health, the importance of nutrients for men during the prenatal process, and how WeNatal is empowering men to take control of their fertility journey. For Menashe and Delrahim, this issue is a personal one.

“In early 2020, my best friend and I experienced pregnancy loss, and it happened a week apart, which was shocking,” Menashe said. “When we dove into the research on how to optimize for a healthier pregnancy next time around, we learned about men’s health and the importance of optimizing sperm before conception. We were shocked when we learned this information because nobody was talking about it. No one was talking about how important it was for men to take three months to take care of their own health, their own fertility before trying to conceive because what we learned was 50% of miscarriages and 50% of infertility happened because of sperm quality.”

This episode covers the following:

  • The importance of men’s health in the conception process and the role of sperm quality in successful pregnancies
  • The journey of WeNatal’s co-founders and their personal experiences with fertility challenges
  • The experiences of a WeNatal customer, Cassi Deighan, and her husband, and how the company’s products have impacted their fertility journey

Ronit Menashe and Vida Delrahim are the co-founders of WeNatal. They both have personal experiences with fertility challenges and pregnancy loss, which led them to extensive research on men’s health and fertility. Their findings led to WeNatal; a company dedicated to empowering men during prenatal care with scientifically backed solutions.

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