Hospital Contract Management Finds Its Solution Through AI-Powered Contract Lifecycle Management


The healthcare industry incurs approximately $157 billion annually due to outdated and manual contract management processes. This inefficiency highlights the urgent need for automated systems, especially with the growing emphasis on value-based reimbursements, and underscores the expected significant growth of the healthcare contract management market.

Recognizing this need, Sirion, an enterprise contract life cycle management company, has partnered with IBM to integrate Watson AI into its contract management system, aiming to revolutionize contract lifecycle management. This collaboration will enhance contract accessibility and insights, with IBM being the first to adopt this innovative solution.

Using AI-powered solutions, can hospitals optimize the extensive contract management process to enhance efficiency and reduce costs?

Kevin Stevenson, a Hospital Administrator and the Host of the I Don’t Care podcast, advocates for using specialized organizations to manage the intricate lifecycle of hospital contracts. Stevenson highlights, “It’s incredibly important for hospitals to have a trusted partner that can handle these types of things because we have so many contracts.”

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