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Personalized Campaigns in a Digital Marketing World

personalized campaigns
  In 2019, when Gartner predicted that 80% of marketers would abandon personalized campaigns by 2025, the world had not yet experienced the global pandemic. And while Read more


decarbonization and sustainability
Navigating Risk and Opportunity in Decarbonization and Sustainability – Part 1 of 2
September 26, 2023

The global conversation has shifted dramatically towards decarbonization and sustainability in recent years. With the world experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption, from 5G technology to the challenges of a pandemic, the urgency to address climate change and its implications has never been more palpable. Although most business leaders see the vision of Sustainable Development […]

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making LTL shipping frictionless
Todd Florence of Estes Express Lines on Making LTL Shipping Frictionless
September 26, 2023

Making LTL shipping frictionless is more than possible; it’s happening today. How can one challenge the status quo and embrace technological transformation in an industry that has historically resisted change? In this captivating episode of Semi-Related, Chris Torrence sets the stage for a riveting conversation with Todd Florence, the Chief Information Officer of Estes […]

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power of consumer insights
The Power of Consumer Insights: Enhance Performance and Customer Loyalty with Data
September 26, 2023

In the latest episode of Retail Refined, conducted at the Retail Influencer CEO Forum 2023, host Melissa Gonzalez explores the transformative power of consumer insights with guest Elizabeth Oates, VP of Consumer Insights at Ulta Beauty. They discuss how data-driven insights can enhance performance, foster customer loyalty, and shape the beauty industry’s future. Oates […]

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Personalized Campaigns in a Digital Marketing World
September 15, 2023

In 2019, when Gartner predicted that 80% of marketers would abandon personalized campaigns by 2025, the world had not yet experienced the global pandemic. And while artificial intelligence (AI) was part of the conversation, generative AI was not. In today’s digital age, the marketing landscape is evolving rapidly, with businesses constantly seeking innovative ways […]

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Decoding Healthcare Finance: A Deep Dive with Dr. Cristian Leineck
September 8, 2023

Navigating the complexities of healthcare finance has become increasingly vital as hospitals and healthcare systems face multifaceted financial challenges. The pressure is mounting from the intricacies of managed care to the nuances of patient billing. Declining revenue and lower-than-average payment recoupment, coupled with increased expenses over the past few years due to the global […]

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Addiction & Recovery: From Baylor to Hollywood and Beyond with John Mabry
September 1, 2023

Addiction & recovery is an interlocked journey familiar to many. In recent years, the conversation surrounding addiction, mental health, and the challenges of the entertainment industry has gained significant traction. With the rise of social media and the constant spotlight on celebrities, their pressures and vulnerabilities are more visible than ever. According to the […]

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Using Data and Asset-Management Solutions to Create Efficiencies in Healthcare and Eliminate Waste
August 11, 2023

Asset-management solutions utilizing data to drive decision-making could prove a winning strategy in reducing medical waste in healthcare and saving money. As healthcare systems worldwide strive to optimize their operations, the issue of medical device sustainability and waste reduction has taken center stage. With U.S. hospitals reportedly losing multi-thousands of dollars on unused medical […]

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‘Speerheading’ Inclusive Opportunities and Finding Employment For Individuals With Disabilities
July 28, 2023

In a world where opportunities for individuals with disabilities often lag, Speerhead Beyond emerges as a beacon of hope. The company’s primary mission is to ensure people with disabilities and their support circles secure meaningful employment, thus enhancing their potential to live fulfilling lives. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2023 […]

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Why Rural Hospitals Matter
July 21, 2023

If one hails from a major city with easy access to healthcare, it can be easy to overlook the need for rural hospitals. But ask anyone in a rural community, and they’ll quickly be able to list why rural healthcare matters. In the face of an ongoing global pandemic, the importance of accessible healthcare […]

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Much of Today’s Healthcare is Patient Responsibility: Fixing the Pain Points in Radiology
July 13, 2023

There are many cost-related pain points in radiology, the medical specialty focused on diagnosing and treating diseases using imaging technology. Healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, and the patient’s role has transitioned from passive recipient to active participant. With the advent of advanced imaging technology and a shift towards personalized healthcare, radiology has become a […]

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Improving Patient Safety Through Non-Invasive Sensing Platforms for Hospitals
June 2, 2023

Patient safety is one of any healthcare institution’s primary concerns and goals. In a surgical setting, it’s paramount. Training and maintaining a well-trained staff are often challenging in healthcare, and an understaffed hospital could impact patient safety. Despite all precautions and best efforts, preventable medical errors during or after surgery occur at an estimated 4,000 […]

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Living a Life on Purpose: A Conversation with Dr. Randy
May 19, 2023

When people take stock of their lives, do they consider their accomplishments remarkable? Or is the word remarkable reserved only for those with unique talents and wondrous deeds? Maybe remarkable isn’t a word others use to describe a person; perhaps it’s a code to live by. Today, I choose to be Remarkable! Capitalize that […]

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