As Ransomware Attacks Rise, How Can Healthcare Organizations Cope?

The pandemic accelerated several trends in healthcare, but perhaps none lined up more with the stressors of mass virality as telehealth solutions. Estimates from McKinsey predict that up to $250 billion in US healthcare spending could be shifted to virtual care.

As health systems take on this digital transformation, how should hospitals optimize as well as protect their technologies, especially IoT-enabled ones, to improve operations in a telehealth world? We spoke with Jonathan Langer, co-founder & CEO of Medigate, a medical cybersecurity company, to better understand these strategies.

Critical infrastructure was a major target the last year for bad actors looking to cash in on sensitive data. Langer gave more specific insights on how to protect health data & devices from ransomware, as well.

Even with telehealth’s mass acceleration, especially in practices like endocrinology & neurology, is the industry actually prepared for a full scale transition, or one that leverages these technologies every day? Here’s what Langer thinks.

Being the most expensive healthcare system in the world, the US is no stranger to debating cost savings strategies. Langer shares his strategies for holistic ways to put these new IoT integrations to use for cost-savings.

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