Champions of Care: How to Ensure Maintenance and Service for Your Medical Seating is a Priority

Brant Satterwhite, Director of Operations at Chair-A-Medics, and Michael Coombs Jr., Operations Manager at Chair-A-Medics, joined Champions of Care to discuss the maintenance and service of medical seating, as well as a walk-thru of a typical pre-service visit. Chair-A-Medics is the nation’s largest provider of dialysis chair maintenance and service; however, they also assist with other types of acute care environments, including infusion centers, hospitals, surgery centers, or anywhere that has medical recliners.

To keep patients comfortable and recliners in tip-top shape, Chair-A-Medics offers several types of services. “We offer a preventative maintenance plan,” Coombs Jr. explained. “Customers can also call and get basic repairs, and they can also get parts installed. Our Pro maintenance plan entails a deep cleaning of the chairs, pressure washing, we check on any infectious control issues, and for any mechanical repairs needed.” Maintenance plans run on a quarterly and even monthly basis, depending on need.

For an in-depth look at the type of maintenance Chair-A-Medics provides and some tips for routine recliner upkeep, Satterwhite and Coombs brought along service technician Garret Guest to walk through a demonstration of a typical service visit.

“We’re very proud to be the nation’s top provider of these types of services,” Satterwhite asserted. “They’re critical services to our customers. They enhance the lives of the patients and their experiences during difficult periods in their lives. We hopefully take the burden out of chair maintenance and off the clinic’s staff which allows them to focus on their patient’s needs and care for the patient, which is their specialty.”

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