ConCensis: Six New Year’s Resolutions for 2022


Every new year brings with it New Year’s resolutions. And these resolutions don’t have to be personal goals, as Censis Clinical Educator Jill Sweeney explained to ConCensis’ Tyler Kern. Resolutions can also apply to effective surgical instrument management. Sweeney gave Kern six solid ways that CensiTrac can help steer 2022 in the right direction.

Losing weight is a resolution that is familiar to most, but in SPD, the goals are a bit different. “Running an overloaded sterilizer, having overweight trays, and problems that that can cause your SPD department,” Sweeney said. “You can end up with failed biologicals, just all-around poor sterilizer performance. The max weight allowance for each machine can be found in your sterilizer’s IFU. In CensiTrac, you enter in that max weight allowance as your first step in your sterilizer compliance, and then CensiTrac will tally up those trays as your starting those loads and tally up what those trays weigh.” This resolution will help keep those weight limits down.

Spending less money is a classic resolution, and CensiTrac is a budget-friendly solution that makes saving easy with its maintenance program. “You can set in maintenance uses for the trays, and then CensiTrac will alert you when those trays need routine sharpening,” Sweeney said. Routine maintenance-tracking reduces the expense of unnecessary maintenance of trays that are not ready for sharpening.

CensiTrac can help keep track of routine tasks and make sure staff receives credit for their work. “A lot of times in sterile processing, staff are doing a lot of things that are outside the realm of what CensiTrac gives credit for in productivity,” Sweeney said. “Efficiency tasks is one of the modules, and that will help give credit to the staff for things that they’re doing outside of what CensiTrac normally gives productivity credit for.”

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