Excellent Care Isn’t Possible without HIPAA Compliance

The challenges healthcare executives and administrators face are constantly changing. Host Kevin Stevenson talks with the heroes behind the heroes that are enabling hospitals, urgent care centers and telemedicine operators to spend their time tending to patients, while they handle the logistics.


Healthcare is a complex industry, and its processes often lag behind other sectors for a myriad of reasons, but its embrace of technology is rising. EHRs have been around for decades, but workflow management remained an untapped challenge. Not only did a solution need to create structure, adherence to HIPAA guidelines is also critical. I Don’t Care Host Kevin Stevenson spoke with Dr. Michael Docktor, a pediatric gastroenterologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and Co-Founder and CEO of Dock Health on this topic.

Docktor described himself as “techy” and was inspired by the world of apps and how an idea could become something deployable to the masses. He built his first app with engineers on potty training. “I learned about the process of design and user interfaces.”

“Workflow management didn’t exist in healthcare. Educating this world about how technology can transform drives efficiency and offers visibility” -Dr. Michael Docktor

With this experience in his background, Docktor soon began to ask big questions about tech in healthcare workflows or lack thereof. “I was thinking why aren’t we using these tools and became a mobile evangelist, bringing in new clinician facing tools, later becoming the clinical director of innovation.”

The focus on streamlining workflows securely became his vision. “EHRs are very clinically oriented, but the administrative and operational aspects of healthcare are ignored. If I order a therapy, there may be multiple downstream tasks to do this with different stakeholders with no structure or accountability,” Docktor said.

Dock Health is taking on this gap, tracking all the tasks from pacing an order until completion. It also helps organizations understand bottlenecks through data collection, which enables them to refine the process. “Workflow management didn’t exist in healthcare. Educating this world about how technology can transform drives efficiency and offers visibility,” Docktor added.

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