Today’s episode of Champions of Care explores the quality and standards of care in infusion therapy centers and in the practice of infusion nursing. Until very recently, these centers, critical for chronic diseases that require intravenous medications, had no set standards.

This lack of cohesive oversight was observed day in and day out by our guest on the podcast today as she traveled the country for a national infusion management company. That experience and those many visits led her and her current organization, NICA, to craft the first set of standards for infusion centers.

With our podcast today, we’re taking a look at infusion centers before and after industry-wide standards were put in place, examining why these standards are important for quality care, and highlighting how capital equipment plays a large part in meeting and maintaining those standards.

For insight and perspective, Kaitey Morgan, Director of Quality & Standards at the National Infusion Center Association, joined us to break down…

  • Her perspective on infusion standards as she went from RN to healthcare manager to NICA director
  • Why it took so long for standards to appear for this side of the industry
  • What the logistical process was like for creating NICA’s standards
  • How considerations for infusion therapy professionals and patients influenced the standards
  • How these standards are helping during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How Champion Chair’s capital equipment meets these standards and creates easier compliance practices

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