Is It Time to Revamp the Drug Development Pipeline?



  • Pharmaceutical industry is under pressure to increase demand and productivity.
  • Pharma manufacturers are also expected to reduce waste in the drug development pipeline.
  • Translational research is to get an idea to translate in a way to benefit the patient.


The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a series of rapid changes. These days, there is higher demand, increased productivity, a race to get the drugs into consumers’ hands at a record pace, and a push to minimize waste in the process. MarketScale talked to Dr. Gabi Hanna, the CEO of Lamassu Pharma, to give his take on the drug development pipeline and what needs to be updated once the drug hits the market.

Abridged Thoughts:

In a basic and simple way, translational research is to take the idea from research and how to translate it into a tangible way to benefit the patient. This is the translation of knowledge to make a real impact on a patient. That is basically, in a nutshell, what does translational research is for us. 

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