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How the COVID-19 Vaccine for Children Differs From Adults’

How the COVID-19 Vaccine for Children Differs From Adults'
   Key Points: Pfizer recently announced its vaccine for children is more than 90% effective. In vitro diagnostics company Todos Medical announced the launch of their Read more


decarbonization and sustainability
Navigating Risk and Opportunity in Decarbonization and Sustainability – Part 1 of 2
September 26, 2023

The global conversation has shifted dramatically towards decarbonization and sustainability in recent years. With the world experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption, from 5G technology to the challenges of a pandemic, the urgency to address climate change and its implications has never been more palpable. Although most business leaders see the vision of Sustainable Development […]

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making LTL shipping frictionless
Todd Florence of Estes Express Lines on Making LTL Shipping Frictionless
September 26, 2023

Making LTL shipping frictionless is more than possible; it’s happening today. How can one challenge the status quo and embrace technological transformation in an industry that has historically resisted change? In this captivating episode of Semi-Related, Chris Torrence sets the stage for a riveting conversation with Todd Florence, the Chief Information Officer of Estes […]

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power of consumer insights
The Power of Consumer Insights: Enhance Performance and Customer Loyalty with Data
September 26, 2023

In the latest episode of Retail Refined, conducted at the Retail Influencer CEO Forum 2023, host Melissa Gonzalez explores the transformative power of consumer insights with guest Elizabeth Oates, VP of Consumer Insights at Ulta Beauty. They discuss how data-driven insights can enhance performance, foster customer loyalty, and shape the beauty industry’s future. Oates […]

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How the COVID-19 Vaccine for Children Differs From Adults’
November 2, 2021

Key Points: Pfizer recently announced its vaccine for children is more than 90% effective. In vitro diagnostics company Todos Medical announced the launch of their new COVID-19 antibody blood test which will allow unvaccinated and vaccinated people to monitor their immunity levels to the virus. Healthcare professionals weigh the utility of this type of […]

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Is It Time to Revamp the Drug Development Pipeline?
October 19, 2021

Keypoints: Pharmaceutical industry is under pressure to increase demand and productivity. Pharma manufacturers are also expected to reduce waste in the drug development pipeline. Translational research is to get an idea to translate in a way to benefit the patient. Commentary: The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a series of rapid changes. These days, there […]

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How North Dakota is Emerging as a UAV Force
August 25, 2021

When it comes to the world of drones, it is often the smaller states that are making the largest waves. North Dakota has established itself as a top tier market for the research of UAV technology. For UAV research to be useful across the board, the technology needs wide open spaces and lawmakers willing to […]

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EdTech AI Is About to Get Much Smarter
August 6, 2021

Big news this week from Digital Promise—it will co-lead a new five-year, $20 million initiative aimed at creating artificial intelligence (AI) tools to advance human learning and education. In this episode of EdTech Today, Jeremy Roschelle, Executive Director of Learning Sciences Research at Digital Promise and one of the co-Principal Investigators (PIs) of the […]

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How Travel Companies are Tooling Strategies for Key Demographics
March 22, 2021

Got a case of the Mondays? Just take you work to the beach! Sounds pretty appealing, right? It is often advised not to mix business with pleasure but the era of remote work has shined new light on the combo. The virtual workplace of Zoom calls and Slack messages has led to the idea of […]

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Reimagining Education for Today’s Complex and Fast-changing World
December 9, 2020

About the Author: Albert Raboteau is part of the Advancement Division team that highlights the wide range of accomplishments and innovations at Virginia Tech. He spent the first portion of his career as a newspaper reporter before shifting to work in higher education, and is an alumnus of both New York University and Virginia Tech. […]

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Which States Are Embracing Drones: Drones in America
July 1, 2020

This week, host Grant Guillot of the law firm Adams and Reese was joined by Senior Research Fellow at Mercatus Center at George Mason University Brent Skorup, who recently published his research ranking all 50 states in terms of friendliness for drone operations. In the past several years, the UAV market has exploded with technological growth, and […]

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The Remote Culture: Balancing Technology and Humanity
June 29, 2020

The shift to remote work is a familiar topic these days, but it didn’t just start when the pandemic hit. Thomas Waite, CEO of K16 Solutions, an education technology firm, shared his thoughts about remote work’s past, present, and future. “We’ve felt little impact, as we’ve been a remote team for years. I’ve had the […]

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DroneUp and UPS Test Unmanned Systems for Coronavirus Response
April 21, 2020

LAWRENCEVILLE, Virginia, April 21, 2020 – DroneUp recently partnered with UPS (NYSE:UPS) and subsidiary UPS Flight Forward (UPSFF) with Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), and Workhorse Group in tests designed to determine how unmanned aerial systems can assist medical professionals in their fight to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. As healthcare practitioners nationwide […]

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