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St. Louis-based MTM, Inc. is innovating the medical transportation industry, but the company’s own wellness program is getting employees moving in a way they never imagined. On this episode of the Healthcare Podcast, host Daniel Litwin sat down with Alaina Macia and Chris Mileski, President & CEO and Director of Wellness & Benefits at MTM. They discussed how their employees are engaging in health and fitness programs that are bringing cost savings to their health premiums and making for happier and healthier employees.

“A lot of people put themselves last when it comes to health and wellness,” Macia said. “Someone once told me: ‘You have to be in good physical and mental health first in order to be a good parent, good spouse, or good employee.’ So, personally, that’s been such an important part of my life that I wanted to make sure we were helping our employees do the same thing.”

Because MTM is a self-insured company, Mileski said that gives them an opportunity to have a real-time look at the overall health and wellness of their employees. “We can react and implement programs to help improve our employees’ health that helps them improve on a daily basis,” Mileski said.

One program that’s particularly had good results is a smoking cessation program, Macia said. What started as a home-grown program to a professional cessation program has had a substantial impact on their employees’ lives. Now MTM is a smoke-free campus, and the health benefits continue to compound.

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