Part One: Navigating Change As A Leader In Today’s World: ConCensis

As a society at large, we’ve gone through a massive cultural upheaval and have had many of our societal norms challenged by a time of crisis. Not only was this a strain on everyone’s day-to-day stability, but it also put a wrench in most office-setting business leadership.

On this first part of a Censis Technologies podcast episode, Host Daniel Litwin talked with Derek Murray, Senior Client Portfolio Manager at Censis Technologies. They dug into company leadership and how well it responded during the pandemic, lessons to take away, and how leaders can prepare for disruption and rapid change in the future.

Murray started his career in the Air Force, where he cut his teeth as a leader. After his career in the military, he moved into the classroom teaching in public education. During this time, he also taught staff how to lead students. Six years ago, he found his way to Censis Technologies as a trainer and is now in client services.

As hybrid work models persist, and in some cases permanent remote work, leaders have had to adapt to how they lead.Motivating teams in-person, finding ways to get in the trenches and lead alongside your teams, encouraging collaboration and creativity. All the traditional playbooks got thrown out the window, as teams became decentralized and remote one day to the next.

“When change is thrust upon a group of people, in any industry, it can be difficult,” Murray said. “Change can sometimes bring out the best, and sometimes the worst. It is important as leaders that we make sure people feel like they’re part of a change, even a rapid change.”

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