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Across the country, workers are sustaining injuries due to physical exertion. These injuries come from a combination of overuse and an aging workforce. In fact, the National Safety Council found overuse to be the number one cause of workplace injuries. Annualized costs to businesses and medical communities are in the billions, which has a large impact on a company’s productivity and its workers.

Dr. Anthony Harris, Vice President of Onsite Clinical Services and Associate Medical Director for WorkCare, Inc., came on the podcast and discussed how preventing and managing injuries in the workplace is vital to worker safety and mental health, and a big factor in a company’s overall productivity. He also elaborated on the impact wearable technology has on gathering important vitals on workers’ well-being and physical status.

Dr. Harris breaks down ergonomics, or the study of human-machine interface, and how it has developed over the past 30 years. Workplace environments have done well to handle injuries and safety hazards, but there have not been a lot of ways to help prevent overuse injuries. Data regarding ergonomics needs to be continually gathered so that developments can continue.

This is where wearable technology comes into the picture.

Dr. Harris is also the founder of BioErgo, a solution service that uses wearable technology to collect and deliver pertinent data to employers. This information can be used to help prevent overexertion injuries in the workforce.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” said Harris.

It is important that workers are being considered from a health and safety standpoint, and not just the environment itself. Using wearable technology, companies can gather the individual data they need to prevent injuries.

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