Dr. Anthony Harris

Vice President, Onsite Clinical Services & Associate Medical Director WorkCare, Inc.

Anthony Harris, M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H., is Vice President, Onsite Clinical Services, and Associate Medical Director at WorkCare, Inc., a national occupational health company with global outreach. He has a proven track record for developing workforce health management solutions using advanced technology that involves data collection and analysis.

Dr. Harris has expertise in the use of wearable bio-monitors and associated clinical algorithms to identify and reduce musculoskeletal injury risk. He has also been instrumental in the development a telehealth delivery model that allows injured employees to connect with certified physical therapists without leaving the workplace, and an athletic trainer program that leverages technology and on-site clinicians to improve health outcomes for active employees.

At WorkCare, Dr. Harris consults to client companies as a medical director and provides care guidance to employees via the company’s 24/7 telehealth triage program. He is board-certified in occupational medicine. He earned his Medical and Masters of Business Administration degrees from the Indiana University School of Medicine and Kelly School of Business. He obtained his Masters of Public Health degree from the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Dr. Harris did two years of general surgery training and obtained fellowship training in bio-design and innovation at the University of Missouri. He previously served as Medical Director of Community Occupational Medicine, LLC, a full-service occupational medicine provider with seven locations and additional onsite operations throughout northern Indiana.