Retaining Talent Will Be The Largest Priority for Hospitals for the Foreseeable Future

In many industries, including healthcare, staffing shortages and the challenges related to retaining and attracting top talent have become a major topic. David Kemp, host of Highway to Health spoke with Laurence Kessler, Senior Vice President of Growth and Partnerships at Healthrise on the matter.

The challenges with staffing have provided a major problem for hospitals and caregivers in the healthcare space. “Nurses and clinicians are becoming travel nurses because they are making more money elsewhere and CFOs are way over budget because they are looking outside for agency nurses,” Kessler said.

Kessler, who has an extensive background in healthcare digs further, “looking back, healthcare as an industry, we are behind compared to other industries in terms of technology, there is so much opportunity out there in the public health component,” he said.

But companies like Healthrise, they’re in the business of being problem solvers, “we’ve developed a staffing solution to provide the resources. We also have business office capabilities to help come in and work segments, but what’s cool is our new tool, demand workforce which is an app base solution that helps you fill in the nursing shifts with existing staff before you have to go look outside,” Kessler said. “We are filling 50% of shifts within 5 to 7 minutes.”

In the future Kessler hopes to see leaps in automation, “we are going to get better, we are going to be more efficient and figure out what functions can be automated going forward, so we can do more with less. It’s going to help solve staffing solutions and provide employees with more satisfaction,” he said.

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