Champions of Care: Turnkey Solutions and How to Go Beyond Selling a Product



Matt Weismiller, CEO of Champion Chair, joined host Daniel Litwin on the first episode of Champions of Care to discuss the unique relationships that develop in the B2B side of healthcare, and what the ROI is of elevating your partnerships and your customer service in the industry.

Weismiller’s company is an industry leader in medical seating solutions, and Weismiller explained what his company does that goes beyond creating a necessary product.

“Being an expert supplier, or expert provider, is something you earn over time,” Weismiller said. “It’s important to lead in a consultative manner when you engage with a client. You can take a client through the capabilities your company has to offer that go beyond the capital product that you offer.”

How does a company shift its behavior from one where product sales are the most crucial goal for the company to one where long-term customer relationships and sales are most valued? Weismiller said it’s about earning the trust of the customer and building relationships that last a long time, not a one-time sale.

Weismiller’s used this approach throughout his career, and it’s the same solution-based, customer-focused model he brings to the culture at Champion Chair.

“I believe most companies are at their best form when they’re not just producing products as a commodity, but when they provide the product with services and capabilities that make it turnkey for the customer,” he said.

In an environment such as a healthcare setting, keeping up with technology can be a challenge. Healthcare services rely on the expertise of providers to keep up with the latest product solutions and bring those solutions to their customers. Weismiller said the journey to becoming a solutions-based product company doesn’t happen overnight, but is a trip that is worth taking.

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