Multidrug-resistant pathogens are an increasing concern in healthcare. Finding new ways and technologies to fight these pathogens is what led Gunner Lyslo to create Surfacide UV-C, an infection prevention solution. Lyslo, Founder and CEO of Surfacide, spoke to Tyler Kern about the technology’s ability to play a role in fighting COVID-19.

Lyslo developed Surfacide UV-C through years of R&D and more than his fair share of trial and error. But perseverance won out, and, today, Sufacide is installed in more than 500 hospitals within the United States.

Focusing Surfacide’s attention on the current global situation, Lyslo said, “Pretty early on in the pandemic, companies outside the healthcare vertical started adopting Surfacide. It’s fascinating to see how companies, healthcare and non-healthcare, have embraced the use of Surfacide technology to create safer environments for patients, healthcare workers, employees and visitors.”

And, while Surfacide’s a known commodity in healthcare today, with the pandemic comes a bandwagon of newcomers trying to cash in on UV-C’s infection-reducing potential.

“Although UV-C, on the surface, may seem easy,” Lyslo said, “there are many factors that need contemplation when using this technology as a decontamination modality.”

There is a concern that in a rush to provide solutions for COVID-19, new players may bring unproven, ineffective or even harmful UV-C solutions into the market. The Surfacide solution went through the development, the testing, the patents and the peer reviews and is already a proven infection combatant.

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