Hospitality Is Heating Up as Travel Begins to Return

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Driven by consumer desires for new experiences, innovative technologies, and environmental impacts – travel is changing. Host Sarah Dandashy explores the technologies that power travel and the brands that build unforgettable experiences.


Say Yes to Travel features a special guest, Mr. Scott Eddy. Host Sarah Dandashy excitedly welcomed her friend and hospitality expert, influencer, and entrepreneur Scott Eddy. Eddy’s unique stories began with his days as a stockbroker. He then said goodbye to the corporate world and took a fateful trip to Southeast Asia.

“If the pandemic didn’t teach you to go all-in on technology and social media, then nothing will.” – Scott Eddy

For the next 17 years, he lived in Europe and Asia, creating relationships and learning from other cultures. He entered back into the business world by starting one of the first digital agencies in Southeast Asia, where hospitality brands came to know and trust him. He’s an OG digital nomad that now consults with the travel industry under his own brand.

When asked about his pivot during COVID, Eddy said, “You can stick your head in the sand or not. There’s never been a better time, if you’re smart, to launch something.”

In lessons learned during COVID, Eddy noted, “If the pandemic didn’t teach you to go all-in on technology and social media, then nothing will. Those are the brands that one. Those that didn’t are dinosaurs in the way they think. You’ll never beat technology.”

The pandemic inspired Eddy to create a new kind of conference for the industry. He’ll be hosting Hospitality 2021 on March 25 and 26. It’s free and designed to support professionals that need the right tools and guidance. “It’s not a conference; it’s a conversation. I want to instill some confidence in planning for an uncertain future.” Eddy explained.

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