Making the Most of Venue In-Concourse Sponsorship Activations


Brands spent over $68 Billion in sports, entertainment, cause, and event sponsorship properties in 2021. Were these efforts effective? Did they achieve and deliver the desired results in sponsorship activations? It’s the age-old marketing/sales problem; how much to spend on activities such as venue sponsorship activations when the ability to achieve measurable results is murky, at best.

Manchester City deployed a real-time crowd management platform solution at its Etihad Stadium to gain better insights into crowd movement and density. The platform, provided by WaitTime, an Industry leader in crowd intelligence, utilizes real-time and historical data to give sports organizations and operations staff insight into crowd movement and density.

The value of the data and insights this type of platform provides will help the club reduce queue wait times, reduce congestion, and deliver the right messages and information at the right time to spectators.

In making a case for the importance of delivering smart, data-driven sponsorship activation in stadiums, WaitTime’s Founder & CEO, Zack Klima, says AI supports WaitTime’s innovative software capabilities that improve interaction for venue sponsorship activations.

Zack’s Thoughts on Sponsorship Activations

“If you have a sponsorship activation within a venue, organizations don’t know how many people interact with that. That’s a missing part of the puzzle when it comes to sponsorship. So with our software, we’re able to then monitor how effective an actual in-concourse sponsorship activation is regarding our, regarding their solution and our software.

So providing those numbers back to sponsors to say, hey you paid $200,000 for this sponsorship activation. We then quantified how effective that sponsorship activation was in your venue, which then in return can affect that rate card as you go on. Because certain locations across your concourse, you can almost guarantee them that amount of foot traffic because you can prove it now.”

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