The REAL ID Compliance Goal Originated in 2005. Why Have there Been So Many Delays and What is the Culprit for the Most Recent REAL ID Postponement?

You’ve probably heard about the REAL ID movement, which originated in 2005 to improve security measures for traveler identity after 9/11. After the deadline for obtaining one has been postponed multiple times since 2005, it’s no surprise that the most recent REAL ID postponement was pushed back yet again—from May 3, 2023 to May 7, 2025. With only 43 percent of U.S.-issued driver’s licenses being compliant to the REAL ID standard, it’s probably a good thing.

What exactly is a REAL ID and how does is it improve homeland security with air travel? Well, the REAL ID Act is responsible for establishing minimum security standards for state-issued licenses and identifications such as record checks to validate identity. If you are over 18 and want to travel anywhere in the U.S. via airplane, eventually, you’ll need to have a REAL ID driver’s license, REAL ID identification, a state-issued enhanced license, or another form of identification that is TSA compliant.

Will there ever be an end to the REAL ID delays? Glenn Haussman, Host, “No Vacancy Podcast“, talks the timeline of the postponements and what is driving the postponements.

Glenn’s Thoughts

“REAL IDs rollout for next spring has once again been postponed this time till May of 2025. Funny thing is, the REAL IDs rules passed, oh, get this in 2005. So if it happens, it’ll actually be the 20th year anniversary to get it in place.

Not surprised this didn’t happen. No fault of the TSAs, but trying to get 50 disparate states with different priorities to align. Never going to happen. So until then, you don’t have to worry about getting that REAL ID keeping you using those driver’s license. And at this point, I’m not sure it’s ever going to happen.

Expect more delays and more possibilities and more fantasizing that one day we’ll all have ID that can get us onto airplanes, nuclear power plants, and other government facilities. All in our pockets, can’t wait.”

Article written by Cara Schildmeyer

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