On this Careers Podcast we look deeper into the role of Controls Engineer at Kasa Controls, hearing from Justin Ryan, Engineering Training Manager, on what makes the position an essential piece of the Kasa puzzle.

The position, based out of Salina, Kansas, is tasked with providing detailed industrial control system drawings, including electrical schematics, power circuit sizings and loadings, thermal calculations, and more. Additionally, the engineer would have to travel to the installation site to make sure that the automation hardware is correctly installed and ready for the client to use, so the job does provide a wonderful travel opportunity both within the United States and abroad.

With Kasa Controls, the intrigue comes from not only the projects but the people. With top clients like General Motors and Chrysler, servicing industries from automotive to agricultural, Ryan says the thrill of seeing automation work through to the end is what makes every day on the job a fresh experience. But even beyond that, what keeps people at Kasa Controls is the culture. Like the company so neatly puts it: When you work at Kasa, you know each other, you know each others’ families, you know each others’ kids. It’s a community.

For more information about working for Kasa and how they make the employee experience second to none, what the coolest part of the job is, the potential impact on the company, and why being a controls engineer is kind of like being MacGyver, give this podcast a listen. To apply, click here.

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