Exploring Smart City Technology and Implementation with George Karayannis of Panasonic

There’s a good reason why people are flocking to live and work in cities like Denver, New York, San Francisco and Seattle. These cities are just a few US destinations known as leaders in smart city solutions. Technology’s role in these communities has improved resident’s quality of life and, in turn, boosted the local economy for businesses big and small.

What sorts of technologies truly define a smart city today, and what projects are most necessary to solve or rural and urban needs? MarketScale explores this hot new topic with George Karayannis, vice president of CityNOW, a division of Panasonic North America. Karayannis and host Daniel Litwin discuss smart city solutions big and small, diving into their trickle-down effect on a community. From improving basic civic chores like trash collection to tackling long-standing issues like car traffic and social inequity, smart cities are ripe with the power to solve problems.

It’s not just major metropolises that can benefit from smart tech. Karayannis presents the question: “When do you bring smart cities to ANY cities?” The key is strong leadership and broad support, he explained. Tech cannot be pushed upon a city, rather, it succeeds when it supports a community problem.

“None of it matters if there’s not a clean business model in place,” Karayannis said.

In order to craft such a business model, multiple entities in the private and public sectors must come together. CityNOW’s role as a consultant is crucial in uniting the powers of city developers, utility companies, and the private investors to effectively employ smart city solutions–Denver’s net-zero microgrid a shining example. A collective combined effort results in the successful implementation of new tech in cities, the beginning of am ongoing transition to a high-tech future.

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